Markets Served


We’ve been proudly serving the HVAC market for well over a decade, supplying everything from basic motor speed controllers to advanced direct digital controls. We produce a line of flagship products for Price Industries, the North American leader in non-residential air distribution products. We’re proud of our roots and continue to design, manufacture, and test these products right here in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Product examples include motor speed controllers, SCR/SSR heater controllers, VAV and fan box controllers, rooftop unit and air handler controllers, and a variety of other accessory products.

Consumer & Industrial

Our years of experience also include the manufacturing of a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics from simple single-sided circuit boards to highly complex final system assembly. Our diverse range of customers are looking for a total manufacturing solution. We understand these needs and work closely with each customer to provide the most cost-effective and high-quality solution possible. Product examples include PLC controllers, commercial door control systems, agricultural electronics and tactical training equipment.

Healthcare Technologies

Our customers in the health tech industry demand high performance and high reliability. Price Electronics delivers on both of these fronts with the goal of exceeding customer expectations. We make it easy to do business with us by providing our customers with a quality product that they can rely on time and time again. Product examples include medication preparation equipment, healthcare monitors and controls, laboratory controls and pressure mapping systems.


Price Electronics serves companies in the energy sector by producing highly complex multi-layer printed circuit boards and assemblies for the power line protection, monitoring, control and simulation industries. These demanding applications for printed circuit board assemblies are of complex design and include high part counts with complex test requirements. We work closely with our customers ensuring on time deliveries of high-quality goodsgoods. Product examples include measurement equipment, custom computer simulation system components and equipment for power grid monitoring and protection.


Some of the most stringent standards are in the transportation industry. Durability and longevity are the two most important characteristics under the extreme environments where these products are used. Our shop combines the latest manufacturing technologies and processes with a high attention to detail to ensure the end result is a quality product that can be relied on for years to come. Product examples include wiring components, electronic controls and GPS based usage monitoring equipment.


Working with our telecom and communications equipment customers, Price Electronics is able to deliver finished products on time with the high standards expected. Using mirrored parallel production lines means we can easily meet a surge in demand without sacrificing delivery or quality. We’ve been able to serve multiple customers with circuit boards for this industry for nearly a decade. Product examples include fiber optic monitoring equipment, radio communications systems and satellite/GPS location tracking and messaging equipment.